Lincoln Attendance Center houses the district's kindergarten and first grade students. Carmi Pre-K is a separate building from Lincoln, but is considered to be part of our school. Between Carmi Pre-K and Lincoln, we have approximately 310 students ranging in age from 3-7 years old.

Lincoln's Mission Statement
To provide a program of excellence committed to the academic success and positive character development of every student within a safe, secure environment that nurtures respect, responsibility, and the desire to be lifelong learners.

Carmi Pre-K's Mission Statement
To offer family programming and a developmental curriculum that help prepare children for learning, school success, and for life. Children are taught readiness skills for kindergarten, and families are provided with support as their child(ren)'s first and best teachers.

At Lincoln Attendance Center, academics are a very important part of our day and we strive to ensure that the young students have a good start in their educational career. Literacy Stations are used to enhance the extensive reading program for our kindergarten students. Guided reading groups, in addition to whole class instruction, are used by first grade teachers to ensure success in our strong reading program. Benchmarked Aimsweb testing is conducted three times per year to determine the progress of each child. The data is analyzed and students needing extra support are given interventions to help them be more successful.

Carmi Pre-K is funded by a state grant and has 80 students enrolled in the program. Each child has their own education plan and has on-going individual assessments using Creative Curriculum. Parent involvement is a very important part to the program and we have a coordinator that involved with the families.

Character education and positive behaviors are also a very important part of our educational program. Lincoln Attendance Center is considered a PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support) school with the entire staff trained in the program. Character Education and Conscious Discipline are taught at all levels in both buildings by our counselor.